Forgot Router Modem Password ? Recover It With RouterPassView

There are times when you may forgot the windows password used to access the interface of your router or modem in such a case you can access the settings and if any case something mess up with your internet connection and you can repair that through router or modem you can’t as you don’t remember the username or password or both.

Most of the modems and routers allow you to backup the configuration of the router into a file, and then restore the configuration from the file when it’s needed. It will help recover your password from your router file.


It supports to recover the password from the with limited number of modems and routers, but if your router is not in the list, you can still try to open your router backup file with RouterPassView. It works with XP, vista and windows 7

List Of Routers Supported

  • Linksys WRT54GL, and possibly similar models.
  • Edimax BR6204WG, and possibly similar models.
  • Siemens ADSL SL2-141, and possibly similar models.
  • Dynalink RTA1025W, and possibly similar models.
  • NETGEAR WGT624, and possibly similar models.
  • ASUS WL-520g, and possibly similar models.
  • COMTREND 536+ (Only Internet Login)
  • US Robotics 9108 ADSL (internet login and admin login)
  • D-Link DSL-2540U/BRU/D ADSL2+

This application does not require any installation, it works from directly from any location on your hard drive. It will show you a list of passwords, but you can’t find the password or other data that you need, you may try to locate your password by switching to Ascii Text Mode (F3) or Hex Dump Text Mode (F4).

Download RouterPassView

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