Forced or Immediate Shutdown, Log off or Restart Free Program For Windows

There are times when you are in hurry to get away from your computer desk, at that time you may want windows to shutdown immediately as faster as it can, We have previously posted about how to shutdown faster, or how to shutdown windows in single click and some other utilities to which can do superfast shutdown in windows.


Today we will tell you about another similar program called InstantOff which allows you immediately do a forced shutdown, restart or log off etc. This application is a system tray utility that will Shutdown, Restart, LogOff, Hibernate or Standby your system with just a double click.

You can also choose the action from context menu by right clicking the program icon in system tray or just execute the defualt menu action by just double clicking the menu item.

Note: This application is very handy and useful as compared to the usual way of Start >> Shutdown and then choose the action

Key Features Of InstantOff

Fast and compact – The executable is only 35 KB. It is packed with UPX. Original file size is only 72 KB.
Easy to customize - The user can select the menu items which should appear in the Context menu and the Default menu item. The action associated with this default menu item will be processed upon double clicking the System Tray Icon.


Note: The user can also decide whether to force the system to undergo the actions displayed in the context menu. In this case the system will not wait for any programs to close and you will lose the unsaved data. But this useful when you get stuck with some program.

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