Force Kill, Stop Running Apps On Android Phone By Default Without Any Task Killer

Some times you may notice your android phone seems to be slow after running a specific app, as that app might be heavy on hardware resources. In such a case your android phone, which in my case is Nexus One from google. By default there is no task manager in android phone so in such a case it must be difficult.

Today, we will tell you about a simple tip to kill a running application or program on any phone running android mobile operating system

Once you find the application which you want to stop, follow the procedure give below.

Note: I did this on my nexus one running android 2.2 [ Froyo ], it will be almost the same with other android phones too.

1. Press the properties soft key on the phone and then tap the settings on your phone screen, the screen will look like as shown in the image below.


2. Now tap applications as shown in the snapshot below


Now tap Manage Applications


Under Manage applications tap running tab as shown in the image below


Now select the application you want to stop from running and tap over its name on the phone screen as shown in the image below


Now tap the button Force stop to stop the application from running or uninstall the app by tapping the Uninstall button to get rid of this app as shown in the image below.


You may found the above procedure tiring to end a running app, in such a case you can search and install advanced task killer or task manger from android market, but we wont suggest you to use task killer or task manager as they might cause problems with the running applications and may cause apps to crash in some time.  


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