Force iPhone Phone Dialer App To Show Numeric Keypad By Default On Every Time You Launch It [ For Jailbroken iPhones]

There times when some of the iphone users are frustrated by the fact that when they launch the iphone phone dialer app to dial number, it may show them favorites or some other things like voice mail or contacts which some of them don’t want to see, they would rather want  to see the numeric keypad so that they can instantly start dialing numbers.

StartDial is a free to install and use software on cydia found under modmyi repository which allows you to choose the view when you launch the phone app on iphone. StartDail requires 3.x or higher to work.


It will bring you to dialing pad whenever you launch you Phone app regardless of its last state which could be random. As usual, just go to Cydia and under the search tab, kind in ‘StartDial’ will display the respective app ready for download. Simply download and install followed by a device restart will make it effective.

Note: Take note that there will be no new icon on your Springboard, but you need to be able to find a new configuration under ‘Settings’ menu after installing this app from cydia.

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