Force Copy Plain Text with Get Plain Text

We have covered some tips on how to copy plain text in firefox, 2 Ways To Copy Paste Text As Plain Text and how to copy anything in clipboard without formatting, Today we have come up with another free program called Get Plain Text which does the same but quite differently.

Many times you copy text from a webpage and paste in the editor and but it remains the formatting like the original settings including including fonts, font sizes and color. However some of the editors provide the option of special paste which removes the formatting of text, but not all the editors you use on daily basis have this option.


So, if you want to forcefully remove formatting from any text you copy then Get Plain Text is the best free program which changes the content of the clipboard, removing any text formatting, including fonts, sizes, colors, embedded images but leaves the main thing – plain text.

Features Of Get Plain Text:

  • Fast – Less than a second
  • Easy – Only 1 click, no windows
  • No memory usage
  • No icon in the system tray
  • Absolutely Free
  • It really works:)

It takes only 70 Kb of the disk space, Get Plain Text runs and removes unwanted formatting from the clipboard in less than a second. Once the job is done, the program closes automatically. It does not bother you with windows, prompt dialogs, or any other bells and whistles. Get Plain Text does its job silently and keeps you focused on your work. This program does not have any visible windows while running.

Download Get Plain Text [ Installer ] or Get Plain Text [ Portable Version ] to remove formatted text in clipboard automatically

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