Force Change, Set Custom Screen Resolution On Extended TV Monitor Connected To Laptop

Recently I faced a problem of low resolution on my LG LED TV which when I connected to my macbook as extended monitor via mini DVI to VGA adaptor which converts the mini dvi port on my macbook into vga or RGB port which can be then connected to TV via VGA Cable as shown in the image below.

laptop connected to tv

Now if such a situation happens to occur with you and there is simple option in windows 7 under screen resolution, for this follow the steps below.

Right click on the empty area on desktop, and select the screen resolution as shown in the image below.

screen resolution

Under monitor resolution options, click advanced monitor options as shown in the image below.

advanced monitor options

Under advanced options, you will see the list of all display modes your monitor support, check to see if any of this display modes satisfy your needs as shown in the image below.

list display modes of monitor

Now after a lot of searching on web and with the above solution I was not able to solve the issue and then I came to know about a software called Power Strip – It simultaneously supports multiple graphics cards from different vendors. It can extend the usefulness of older cards and legacy installations by supporting cards as old as the ATI Mach 64 so I thought this might fix my problem and it did.

Note: PowerStrip is listed for all Windows versions from 95 to Vista, but Windows 7 worked just fine, It even recognized the edition. With the help of powerstrip you can explorer more options of the connected monitor you have, and can even force some not supported resolutions which you want to setup on your monitor.


Here how you can use power strip to change the resolution on your monitor, tv or projector which is showing screen resolution which you don’t want to see.

Force Custom Screen Resolution Connected To TV

1. Open powerstrip and go to its preferences from system tray menu icon as shown in the image below.


2. Now click the quick setup button as shown in the image below.

quick extended monitor setup

3. Under setup options for your monitor, click change button to change the screen resolution you will see the options as shown in the image below.

change resolution of monitor tv connected

4. Now it will give you the option to create a custom screen resolution

force resolution on monitor

5. As you can see in the image below, the options are highlighted from where you can test a custom screen resolution.

custom resolution on tv monitor

After testing some of custom resolution, one of them looked fine and easy on eyes which I saved and applied through Powerstrip. The software is free and really useful, can help you fix the monitor and systems with different non compatible cards, the only catch is it shows tips compulsory for 5 seconds in the free version at the time of launch.

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