Follow People By Sending SMS To Twitter

Following the tweets on twitter has become a basic necessity of our lives, as many of us like to be updated with many things around us and twitter helps us to do so. When everyone around the world is innovating something, then How can you expect that twitter will be behind the others. Recently Google came up with the idea of Instant search, which has undoubtedly been adopted by many of the websites like twitter, iTunes, YouTube, Google Map, Flickr and few more and in this news post I will be telling you about the new feature which has been launched by Twitter recently.


From now onwards you can get the tweets on your mobiles and this feature has been launched in U.S., India, Singapore and Haiti. The best part of this feature is that even the users who are not the members of Twitter can take the advantage of this feature, i.e. without creating an account you can get the tweets of the user whom you want to follow. I must say that this step will attract huge number of new users to at least take the taste of twitter, so undoubtedly the traffic will definitely increase and this will also increase the profits because whenever the user sends a command through SMS, he will be charged some amount for each SMS and this will be the profit earned.

Now let me tell you something that once you have started following a particular user then you cannot stop getting the tweets of that users or I should say that by sending ON or OFF command you will definitely stop receiving the tweets but you will keep on receiving them on your account. So, if you wan to atop them then you will have to logon to your account and then switch OFF the updates.

If you wan to follow any user then just type the username of that user and then send it to 53000, by this you will easily be following all that user. If you want that your tweets should not be followed by that particular user then you will have to go to the setting of your account and then change its access in order to avoid any undesirable access.

So, now tweeting can be done right from your mobile and I am eagerly waiting that what effect will it be putting on the other social websites. Need not to worry as we will try our best to keep you updated with the news and meanwhile if you manage to get something important related to this then please do put it down in the comments section. Have a nice day all!!!!

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