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We all know that Twitter’s tweets are really popular among all the internet users around the world. Please note that I am not talking about a specific country and place but I am making a remark on all the users around the globe. Twitter help each of us to be updated with any type of information which is released by our topic of interest and let me tell you a secret that most of the news which are published here are extracted from Twitter only ;) (shhhhh!!!!!!!).


Not only us but all the the tycoons like Google has also realized that thing. So, now they have decided that they will updating all the users through Twitter only. You must have seen that generally the updates regarding any feature of Google is not informed by Google itself, though they try their best to do so, by publishing it on each and every website of their own, but still few of us get to know about it and then we cannot resist our selves to distribute that news among all our readers.

Specially the features which are now being updated in Gmail, these days. Honestly speaking I never new about the priority Inbox till the time I opened by Gmail account and then found it in my mail Inbox. So, only the users who have been using it can only know about these features and the users who have not been using it remain ignored. So, they Google has decided that from now onwards you can follow the updates of Gmail account on Twitter. So, now you can get the tips, tricks and news related to Gmail directly from Twitter by just following that user.

So, if you come across any problem related to that link then you can use the Help Center or the user forum. But if you want to give the feedbacks and wish to improve any of the feature, then please use this twitter account to do so and if Google likes your feedback then you might win any of 140 snazzy T-shirts, then what are you waiting for??? Just get going dudes. We will also be keeping you updated with all the information related to this news and If you already have something to tell us then please go ahead and share it will us by posting it in the comments section. Have a nice day buddies!!!!

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