Follow Facebook User Updates Feature Under Testing

A good news for all the Facebook lovers that Facebook is currently testing a new feature “Subcribe to” which will allow you to see all the updates of your specific Facebook buddies. So by enabling this option, you wont miss any update from your specific Facebook buddies.


In fact, this option is just like “follow” option in Twitter. As you all must be knowing that fan follow is a very popular option of Twitter, so in order to give competition to Twitter, Facebook is developing this feature. So now, on Facebook too, you will be able to subscribe to all those people like your favourite film stars or even your special friends, about whom you want every update.

subscribe-to-screenshot (1)

Facebook has tested this feature with only small number of users and you can see an example above to see where this feature is going to be introduced. As you can see, this feature will be available just below your Facebook profile picture. This feature is a bit different from your regular notification feature.

Now you receives notification only when your friends writes on your wall, or like your status or accept your friend request etc. but you don’t get notifications of status updates or post on new images and videos from your friends. So if you want Facebook too send you notification for all updates and post of new images and videos and even post of each activity from that specific user, then you can Subscribe to that user.

subscription-notification (1)

The above is the example showing a notification update when a subscribed buddy posted a new update. So now you will get every update from that specific user. Till now Facebook have told only that you will get notifications about status update and images or videos updates when you subscribe a buddy.

However, I am not sure that they will send notification if your buddy visits your profile as you get notification on Orkut. I am also not sure whether this feature will be public or not i.e anyone can subscribe you and get notifications of all your updates. There could be some change in your privacy settings if thy made this option public, so that you have control to make this option public or available only for your friends, but for all this I am not sure of everything as its just on testing and Facebook is not revealing all the details regarding it.

But I am sure over one thing that this feature will be one more ladder step for Facebook for giving more competition to other social networking sites and enhancing its publicity.

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