Flickr Can Now Import Contacts From Facebook, Gmail With Find Your Friends Feature

Recently I told you about the new version of Yahoo mail which is Yahoo Beta Mail. Now in this post I will be telling you something new about Flickr. I will be telling you about a change which has been introduced in Flickr, though the change is not exceptional but it really helpful for many users. Flickr has decided that their users can import their contacts from their other networking or e-mail accounts like Gmail, Facebook etc.

Now I would say that this feature should have been introduced earlier because it is very annoying and irritating to search each and every friend by their name and e-mail and then send them friend request. Facebook, Gmail, Yahoo Mail, Hotmail and many more networking and email account sites which are very famous and generally used by the users everyday contain all the contacts and even Facebook allows the user to import the contacts from the e-mail account which has been used to register themselves on Facebook.

Now you can import all the e-mail addresses from the different e-mail or any other networking account to your Flickr account and then different friend suggestions will be shown to you as per your imported contacts. If you want to accept the suggestion and send he request then just click on that suggestion but if you do not want to see that suggestion then you can cancel that particular user’s suggestion.

But if you want that your photos should not be shared with any other user or you do not want be in touch with any of the unwanted element then you have got some of the privacy options with the help of which you stay from those users. Is is almost similar to the one which is seen on Facebook. In short I would say that finding friends and get searched by them will be lot easier.

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