Fix, Solve iPhone 4 Cheek Tap, Proximity Sensor Issues While On Call

As almost most the users using iphone 4 might have experienced some time or the other that when they are call, some times the phone gets muted, phone call get accidently cut or some other number automatically dials and all this happens due to the defective proximity sensor issues in iphone 4.

The only thing you can do is to solve this problem on software level, as this is hardware level problem you can’t any thing about it or else you cannot return your phone. But as like always there is a solution for jailbroken iphone 4 users only.


CallLock is a new app available under Cydia repository that can manually or automatically lock your iPhone screen during a call so that you can avoid any accidental touch of your face on the touch screen of iphone which is so close to your cheek during a call. Once installed it can be enabled either manually, automatically or by proximity sensor and will prevent you from accidently pressing buttons on the screen that could dial, or terminate the on going call.


CallLock is enabled in manual mode by default. To enable CallLock automatically or by proximity you must turn on the feature under iphone settings, there will no new icons added to your home screen when you install this app from cydia.


As you can see in the image above there are different ways in which you can use this app as per your requirements which suits you.

CallLock will override the default action of the Power button during a call to lock the screen instead of the normal end call action.

CallLock will automatically lock your screen as soon as a incoming or outgoing call is connected.


CallLock will automatically lock the screen when it detects the phone close to your ears.

End Call(Power) – turning this option on will cause the call to be disconnected instantly once you press the power or sleep key on the top of iphone 4

You can buy this little app on cydia repository for only 0.99$ on the Cydia store with your jailbroken iPhone. See the Video below to see the app in action, you will get an idea how this app work in action.

Our Rating For This App: 4/5

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