Fix, Repair Corrupted Files Almost Any Type With File Repair Or Send It For Repair

When you are downloading a file from internet and due to some internet problem it gets cancelled in between then all the part of the file becomes corrupted and then you cannot use that for any use, you cannot use that file at all. Today with the help of this tool named as File Repair, you will be able to repair the file and then you can use it comfortably.


You might have observed that when your system gets shut down abruptly, then after turning it ON again you may find a blue screen on your system, indicating that a system file got corrupted. Now you have a solution named File repair, as you can see the screenshot of the tool pasted above. The type of files which be repaired are mentioned at the bottom of the application window with their respective icons. You will have to select the file in the Source field and then you will have to click the Start Repair button. The processing log in the middle of the application window will start to get some content and then once the green bar get completely filled then your file will be prepared and you can see that repaired file on the same location as of the source.


If the tool is not able to repair that by any means then you will receive a dialogue box displaying that you can send this file at particular e-mail address and then they revert back with the repaired version of that file and they promise they will give you that file within next 24 hours. I hope that this tool is worth using because at any point of time you may need it.

The size of this tool is around 1MB. And once it gets installed you can use it easily like any other tool. The link to download the tool has been mentioned as the bottom of the post and it has been tested on the latest version of Windows 7 32-bit Ultimate edition so it is supposed that it will work on all the version of Windows. Please do write us back if you face any problem while using this tool.

Download File Repair

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