Fix Poor Resolution Of External Display Monitor, Projector Connected To Mackbook Running Mac OS

There are times when you want to connect your macbook, macbook pro or macbook air with the external display monitor or projector in such case by default the mac os is designed to detect the external display device automatically, but one issue that you may encounter is that the display on the external monitor screen or projector display does not appear properly.

The display does not look good as by default the mac os may not detect the external display native resolution, follow the procedure below.

Open System Preferences on mac os

Picture 5

Under system preferences, you will find the displays section, click to open display settings.

Picture 6

Now it will open the display settings for both your external display and primary display, here you can select the native resolution for your monitor or projector, just in case if you don’t the best possible resolution for your monitor then try some resolutions listed and set the one best close possible resolution.

Picture 7

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