Fix or Manage Appointments With Doctor With Appointment Agent

Many professions nowadays require constant interaction with the clients. Some of the professions include doctors, lawyers, psychologists, dietitians and many other professional consultants. Sometimes it becomes difficult to interact with the clients due to time constraints and poor management. To keep things simple and organized, hiring of secretaries is preferred, in some cases, highly qualified personnel charge salaries based on their qualifications which a start-up consultancy may not be able to afford. How about hiring a secretary who would take care of all your appointments in an organized manner and charge nothing?

Well yes, recently we came across a web site that offers “Appointment fixing service” absolutely free., as the name suggests is a service started recently, that acts as your virtual secretary and takes care of all the meeting timings with your clients. You can integrate Appointment Agent with your existing web site or create a new web site with Appointment Agent. It might do wonders for your service as it is an online service (thus, 24 X 7), your potential client can easily access the appointment scheduler and fix an appointment with you at an available date and time.

Coming to the expenditure part, first time users can try out the service free of cost, if you like it and you think it will work for you, then registration can be done for just INR 499/- per month (that’s $10 approx.). In this package you can fix 499 appointments free of charge, for every subsequent appointment, you will be charged INR 2/-.

The user interface looks amazingly friendly. Your clients would find it extremely easy to fix an appointment with you. Date and time when you are available would be displayed in front of them and they can choose an appointment among them. try it out for free for the first time, may be it helps you save on that huge money you’re paying to your secretary.

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