Fix Error Unable To Download Application From App Store On iPhone

There are some apple device users who reports this less common error pop up message which appears on their apple devices including iphone, ipod touch and ipad when they try to purchase and download some app from app store as shown in the snapshot below.


Different users have suggested different solution to this problem, as per some of them you should open your computer run itunes and login to itunes running on your computer with same itunes account and should agree to any change in terms of agreement or just sign in, and the error will automatically resolve on your iphone the next time you try downloading the same app.

On the other hand as per some other users saying this error comes when you try to download a big size which will take good amount of time to get downloaded on iphone. The last and most working fix to this problem is that you will need to change the apple id account and sign in with some other apple id account and then try downloading some other app.

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