Fix Disconnected Internet Connection Due To Corrupted Winsock Settings With WinSock Repair

Many times it may happen that you are disconnected from internet for some technical reason or error occurred in windows which you don’t know. There are several reasons for disconnection and network issues including computer crashes, installation of networking software or malicious software attacks that tampered with network settings and Winsock. All these corrupt Winsock settings can therefore lead to all kinds of networking troubles which are difficulty to analyze and understand for the inexperienced user.

Winsock Repair is a free portable can fix most Winsock errors with the single push of a button so it makes more comfortable for you to rather fix the errors manually.


The first button Reset TCP/IP Stack is to reset the TCP/IP stack to rewrite important Windows Registry keys with their default values so that tcp/ip settings get back to default normal state. The second button Repair Winsock will repair Winsock so that the network connectivity issues can be fixed. It also allows to list the installed LSPs (Layered Service Providers) which need to be reinstalled after fixing all the Winsock errors.

The third mode is the aggressive mode, which you should use only when the above two options to fix the issues does not work as this will reset everything including TCP/IP, reset Winsock and perform additional task so that windows firewall can be reset.

Download Winsock Repair [ Direct Link ]

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