Fix, Correct Grammar Mistakes While Writing Blog Posts In Windows Live Writer

While writing an article or a blog on the computer, it is very usual that you make spelling mistakes. It is almost impossible to avoid spelling mistakes while writing fast. This is the reason why all the applications that allow you to write these articles or blogs such as word processors, blogging tools like Windows Live Writer comes with built in spell checkers that helps you in avoiding these spelling mistakes. Along with these spelling mistakes, several grammar mistakes are almost impossible to avoid. It is not so that these mistakes are always due to lack of knowledge about the language but can also be the result of typing mistakes which the spell checker doesn’t check.


So, in order to avoid these grammatical mistakes one of the solution that is now available with Windows Live Writer in the form of open source plugin is Grammar Checker Plugin. This plugin is based on one of the best web service and it is called as ‘After the Deadline’. It works by checking you article for spelling, style and grammar mistakes. Earlier this plugin was used with WordPress, but now it has come as a gift for Windows Live Writer users as well. It is basically an online spelling and grammar checking tool that corrects both typing and grammatical errors and thus makes your article better.

As said earlier, this tool checks for grammatical mistakes and provides you with complete details about the kind of the mistake that has been committed, along with the solution for it in the form of correct grammatical format. It is very simple and easy to use this plugin as you just have to download and install the MSI file for this plugin and then simply restart Windows Live Writer for the plugin in the form of Grammar Checker to integrate to it. In order to use this tool, just highlight the text area you wish to check and simply click on Grammar Checker option available in the Insert tab. This will check all the grammar mistakes committed in that particular selected text area.


Once you click on that option, you will see a new window that will display the appropriate information about grammatical mistakes that may be present in that area. It will also show a complete explanation of the mistake according to English grammatical rules. It also provides some additional and advanced features for grammar correction, but for that service you have to be connected to internet.

This tool also acts as a spell checker as it also checks spelling and similarly it also detects the misused words in your text as it has a database of around 1500 words which are often misused by the users. One of the other feature of this tool enables it to act as a style checker with many rules that provides suggestions to the users in order to provide the best writing style.

So, it is one of the best tool for avoiding mistakes and on the other hand to make your article a better and more stylish one.

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