First iPad App Based On Smart Cover – Evernote Peek Knowledge Learning App

Evernote, the company that helps the world remember everything, today announced its new Evernote Peek App is now available on the App Store. By combining the functionality of Evernote with the innovative design of the iPad Smart Cover, the Evernote Peek App becomes a learning, studying and memory-enhancing tool. Below is a screenshot of the app welcome screen which might give you idea about how to use this app once you use it.


"The iPad 2 and iPad Smart Cover inspired us to create a completely new way of interacting with an app. The ability to ‘peek’ under the iPad Smart Cover allows users to learn, or view their existing Evernote content, in a delightful new way," said Phil Libin, CEO of Evernote."Millions of people use Evernote daily to save their schoolwork, projects and research, and now we are giving them a creative way to engage their memory and hone their skills."

Once you have installed Peek app on your ipad or ipad 2, refer to the tips mentioned in some screenshot below.

Tip to get a better experience on ipad with the new evernote peek app


How Can You create a quiz notebook with evernote Peek app ? answer is below.


After installing the app, users can select study materials from their Evernote accounts or StudyBlue. Testing memory is as simple as closing the iPad Smart Cover and peeking beneath it to view portions of content. Lifting the first section of the iPad Smart Cover reveals a clue, lifting further reveals the answer. To continue to the next clue, users just close the iPad Smart Cover and peek again. Advanced users can create their own materials in Evernote and study them using the Evernote Peek App.

The Evernote Peek App is now available for free from the App Store on iPad, iPhone and iPod touch at this link from the appstore. Watch the video below to see the app in action on ipad, its really nice app must have on every ipad.

We found this app great fun and we have started our review of the same on our ipad 2, we are loving the app a detailed review of the same will come very soon on this blog, keep watching this space, stay tuned. 

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