Firefox Drag n Drop Tabs To Create Shortcut To Website URL Opened On Desktop

When you are in hurry and your do not have enough time to save a page on your system, then the best thing you can do is bookmark that page, it will not save the page but at least when you will open your system next then you see that page on your system with the help internet, but there is another method with the help of which you can do the same the advantage of that method is that you can directly access that page from your system or I should say creating the shortcut of that page on your desktop.


Before proceeding let me tell you that this can be only on Firefox, as we will be telling you about the Firefox add-on which will help you to create the shortcuts of the page very easily. You will just have drag that particular tab out of Mozilla Firefox Browser to the desktop and once you leave it on the desktop you will see the shortcut that page on the desktop as mentioned in the snapshot above. So, there is no need of saving that page if you have frequent connectivity to internet, just use this add-on.

You can find the link to download an add-on below the post. So after installing this add-on just restart the system and then you can easily create the shortcut for the tab on your desktop. This will be really helpful if you want to remember that there are some important pages which are supposed to be viewed as early as possible, as whenever you will open your system, you will see that shortcut lying on your desktop as a reminder every time. I hope that you will like this smart add-on for your browser. It will not take much time to install and we have already tested it with the Mozilla Firefox 4.0, so I suppose that it will work with all the version of Firefox.

Install Drag Tab as Shortcut


  1. Meena Bassem says

    no offense, but why do we need an add-on to do it?
    just drag the favicon of the site to the desktop or a folder to do exactly the same thing :)
    but thanks for sharing anyway :D

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