Firefox 4 For Android Detailed Review – Sync With Computer Explained

The mobile phone market has seen a serious changeover with the introduction of Android based smart phones and the change is slowly forcing older phones put of the market. The new phones are extremely potent in terms of functionality, gaming experience, useful applications, web browsing and a lot of other things which otherwise were lacking.

Out of all the qualities mentioned above the one finding maximum use is the Internet browsing one and with no surprise, developers from across the world have been working on providing the best browsing experience with some of the best browser applications like Opera, Mozilla Firefox, Internet Explorer etc.

Mozilla Firefox has moved one step ahead and has released the latest Firefox 4 Mobile version on Android Market website recently which provides some improved features including:

  • Tabbed Browsing
  • Add On Compatibility
  • Synchronization With Computer Firefox Version
  • One Touch Bookmarking
  • Auto Hiding Controls

The above features are self explanatory but the synchronization feature is the most unique one as it would hardly 10 min to sync your phone browser with the desktop browser and then you can see all the tabs, bookmarks etc of your PC browser on your Firefox mobile. Isn’t it great ? If you say no then I would request you to think over again.

How To Sync Your Firefox Mobile Browser With PC Firefox Browser

The Firefox sync feature shares the bookmarks,passwords, settings, history and tabs of course and the following steps will guide you through the procedure.

  • On your desktop browser click the Firefox button on the top left corner and go to options and then click on the sync tab.  Further create a new account with a valid email id, password and a SYNC key which has to be kept secret.

Android Mozilla Firefox BrowserMozilla Firefox We Browser Android1

  • Once you are done with adding all the details and noting down the key, the next window asks you to enter text so as to confirm that you are not a robot and after all this just click the finish button and the first part ends there.
  • Next important step is to sync your phone browser, for which you need to swipe on the screen after opening the browser and then going to the preferences. Under sync section, click connect after which a code will be displayed.

Mozilla FirefoxFirefox SyncMozilla Firefox 2

  • Lastly it’s the part where the you have to create a connection between your device and your desktop. Once the sync on the browser is completed the Sync tab in the same, instead of showing the Set Up Sync option will now show let you decide what you wish to sync i .e. tabs, bookmarks etc. Just above the section you would see ADD A DEVICE option. Click on it and add the code that you had noted down from you phone browser and then finish the setup.


  • This will be it and you are done with the Sync process. In case you are not near you computer you can also click on I’m not near my computer option provided on the browser window where the code was provided.

Firefox Syncdevice1

Note: – The key provided by your desktop browser needs to be kept secret and is non recoverable. SO we would recommend you to save it at a safe place.

Download Mozilla Firefox – [Android Market]

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