Firefox 4 Beta – Remove, Delete Feedback Button

Firefox 4 beta has been released with some cool new features, we have also shared some tips for firefox 4 beta, we will keep posting more useful tips on firefox 4 beta. You might have noticed a small feedback button firefox 4 beta, today we will tell you how to remove this feedback button.


In order to remove this feedback button, you only need to uninstall the preinstalled extension which comes with firefox 4 beta, follow the procedure to do this.

1. Open or Run firefox 4 beta

2. Go to File menu and click Add ons under customize sub menu as shown in the image below.


Under Extensions you will find Feedback extension as shown in the image below, you just need to click the Disable button to deactivate it and remove the feedback button.


You will need to restart firefox in order see the changes – i .e the feedback button removed.

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