Firefox 4 Beta – Move Tabs Below The Address Bar

Firefox 4 beta has been released, with some improvements like Menu bar has been replaced by Firefox button, Search for and switch to already open tabs in Smart Location Bar, New Addons Manager and extension management, The stop and reload buttons have been merged into a single button, The bookmarks Toolbar has been replaced with a bookmarks button and lot more.

In the new firefox 4 beta Tabs are now on top by default, some people who are used to the old style interface may not like the tabs by default on top. Today we will tell you how can you simply move the tabs on top to the position below the address bar.


Follow the procedure below for the same

Run Firefox 4 beta and open the dropdown menu and locate the tabs on top under customize sub menu


uncheck this option with mouse left button click and you will see the tabs moving down instantly and shown below the address bar just it they used to appear in previous versions as shown in the image below.


[ Thanks to Life Rocks 2 ]


  1. mario says

    I don’t know why they want to change something that was perfect. Are they annoyed?

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