Fingerprint Scan To Unlock Android Phone

Customization is all we look for and why shouldn’t we, as it lets you show off among your friends. If you got an android phone we have a host of options for you but considering the best, we would suggest you Live Locker lock screen which is as feature rich as it is beautiful. The next cool lock screen that we have come up with is the one we are going to review today.

Finger Scanner lock screen is one such application that replaces your default join-the-dots-to-unlock type lock screen by a more sophisticated and techy lock screen that unlocks the phone with the user’s fingerprint. Well does it blow you off? It should as it makes you feel like your accessing a top secret thing(which is your phone in this case) merely by a contact of your finger tip on the phone’s screen.

Finger Scanner AndroidFinger Scanner Android2

I believe the developers wanted to create a unique effect over the user’s mind with the interface and to an extent they have succeeded. To make the screen look more dramatic a horizontal bar keeps on moving vertically to actually make you realize that real time scanning Is being performed. But don’t gettoo excited as now I am going to reveal the trick behind the unlock screen. To unlock the screen, you need to keep your finger tip in the space provided in the middle of the screen and keep it in contact untill the screen vibrates & beeps simultaneously, thrice(the default number of vibrations after which the phone unlocks) after which you should remove it immediately to unlock.

Before you enable the application do go through the settings of it as it would help you understand the functionality better. The first option of Unlock Condition lets you select the number of times the screen must vibrate, which would be known to you only so that you can unlock your phone. Second option is the beep volume where you can set the level of the beep which would go in sync with the vibrations.

Finger Scanner Android1Finger Scanner Android3

In case you forget the unlock condition and contact the screen for a lesser duration, the screen would display Access Denied but will also show a tip at the bottom clearly hinting you the unlock condition. One can also switch off the vibrate assistance if he or she has grasped the duration trick. Auto Start could also be enabled so that the app starts at the time your phone does.

Text Display is the last option where the user enters the Text he or she wishes to see on the lock screen just below the impression. We repeat what we mentioned at the start of the post that this app is really cool to use and will let you show off a bit.

Download Finger Scanner – [Android Market]


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