Find Your Tweets Retweeted By Others On Twitter

Twitter is one such great services where you can say what you want to say, and there will be some people whom might be listening to you so that makes an impact on both the ends and start a communication in between them.

You might want to know some times which of your tweets are being liked by other people so that you come to know which of your tweets are being retweeted by other who are following you on twitter.

Follow the procedure below to find your tweets being retweeted by others

1. Login to with your username and password

2. Once you are logged in either you will see the old twitter interface or the new twitter interface being rolled out these days.

2.1 If you are using the old twitter interface, you will see the retweets link in the sidebar, once you click this link you will be redirected to a page which will list retweets by others, retweets by you and your tweets retweeted by others

9-18-2010 5-35-28 PM

2.2 If you are seeing the new twitter interface, you will see retweets drop down, which you can click to find tweets of yours being retweeted by others.

9-18-2010 5-31-55 PM

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