Find Which Tab Is Producing Sound In Google Chrome – Stop or Mute It

There are times when you suddenly start noticing some new sound in google chrome, some times sound comes due to audio or video ad which is on some webpages opened at such times if you have so many tabs opened with different webpages opened it becomes quite difficult to find the tab which is making that sound.

MuteTab is a Chrome extension that helps you manage the sound coming from tabs in Google Chrome. It helps you to find which tab(s) are making sounds and provides browser-wide management of tab muting (calling JavaScript functions where available, otherwise hiding it from the page), including automatically muting all background tabs.

mute google chrome tab sound

Please Note: It does not, however, universally allow muting a video or game so that it can be played silently while listening to background sounds coming from another tab.

Key Features Of Mute Tab Extension For Google Chrome

1. Helps you track down where a sound is coming from by maintaining/displaying a list of all possible sound sources and optionally changing the icon for tabs that might be playing sound.

2. Provides a menu of sound-related operations  (calling JavaScript functions where available, otherwise muting via hiding a source from the page) that can be applied to a single tab, all tabs, or all tabs but the current one, accessible by clicking a browser extension icon or via a right click context menu.

3. Optionally automatically mutes all background tabs.

Note: This extension asks for permission for your data on all websites and for your browsing history.  The request is really asking to look at the contents of open tabs, which is necessary to determine if they might be making sound or not.  No data related to this extension leaves your computer beyond if it is installed.

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