Find, View List Of Recently Installed Programs, Softwares In Windows 7 or Later Versions

There are times when your computer may start to crash or some thing else happens and then when you connect to any person for tech help the first question they ask you what programs you installed recently on windows as they might be responsible for your system crash some times.

At such time you may try to remember but its really very possible that you miss out some programs, but in case of windows 7 you can easily find out the list of recently installed programs under add removes programs section.

Follow the procedure below to know how to find out recently installed software in windows 7

1. Go to start menu and search for add remove programs and click to launch or open it as shown in the image below.

add remove programs windows 7

2. Once add remove programs section is opened, you will see the list of all programs and software installed on your computer as shown in the image below.

installed software in windows

3. Click Installed on filter to find out list of all programs which you had recently installed on your computer, it will help you view the list of softwares as per date on which they were installed as shown in the image below.

recently installed softwares in windows

We hope this simple tip helps in your case to find out the software which you need to remove to make your computer stable. Just in case if the above method is not working for your, you can try downloading a free software called Belarc Advisor which will generate the entire list of all the softwares installed on your computer, you can download this software from here

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