Find Unread Hidden Mails Inside Gmail Inbox

PS: This tip is for geeks who don’t want to see unread emails in your inbox, but I could be wrong there might some layman’s too interested in this tip. :D

There are times when you may see, unread mails in your gmail inbox but they are difficult to locate as they are some times buried so deep that no matter how to try to find them by going deeper into your old mails, you don’t see then at all.

In order to locate unread mails in your inbox, follow the simple procedure given below.

1. Login to your gmail inbox

2. Now to find unread hidden mails in inbox, in the search box type label:unread in:inbox  


3. In order to find all unread mails not only in inbox but everywhere else also with inbox, repeat the above search query as label:unread


May be you know this simple thing in gmail, but it may still prove helpful for some gmail users out there :) You can also read some more gmail tips we have written about before.


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