Find Shared Hidden and Visible Folders Across Computers On Your Network

In a network when people share stuff across the network through their computers, sometimes they do not want everyone to know, so they share files like movies and songs privately in hidden folders so that only some people know the exact path to the hidden folder and they can only see or access these files, this used to happen in my previous office. :) However there is simple hack to see the shared folders which are hidden by turning on the hidden files and folders settings under Folder Options in Windows Explorer, but a simpler way to see the hidden and visible folders across the network is to use this free program called Find Shared Folders 


Find Shared Folders acts as a LAN scanner who scan an IP range and will show the computers who are sharing folders out and both hidden and visible can be shown to you. It could be a useful utility for small network system administrators to monitor and get an instant overview of who is sharing folders out across the LAN.

Download Find Shared Folders

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