Find, Search Copyright Free Creative Common Videos On YouTube

You must have got to know that now we have got CC (Common creative) license for the videos on YouTube and this license enabled us to edit the videos without breaking any of the norms of the videos available on YouTube, but you will have to it with some of the formalities towards the original owner of this video. In this post we will talk about this new license on YouTube and we will also tell you that how you can search the videos in this category.

First of all let me tell you that this feature will be available to only those users who have a good standing over YouTube, once you change the license of your video from normal to Common creative, then other will be able to use this video for their own means, but then they will be linking back to you, at the bottom of the modified video you will find an attribution link to their original video. With the help of the video editor provided by YouTube you can easily edit them, rather you will see a tab name ‘CC’ in the editor page.

Now if you want to search these types of videos on YouTube, there are certain smart tips which can help you to search them quite easily. The methods are mentioned as follows:

  • While putting the name of the video, just remember to put a keyword ‘CC,’ you will see all the videos begin tagged as Creative Common. You can take a look at the screenshot mentioned below.


  • Now you might find that below the search keyword, you will see a filter with the help of which you can filter all the common creative videos. You can also see this option mentioned on the snapshot below.


I hope that you must have found this tip quite useful, so you can go for using these steps and then let us know about your views or if you face any issues then please let us know.

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