Find Same or Cloned Files With Duplicate & Same Files Searcher

Duplicate & Same Files Searcher is a freeware application which allows you search and locate duplicate or cloned files or same files. It searches duplicate file contents regardless of file name (true byte-to-byte comparison is used). This application allows not only to delete duplicate files or to move them to another location.

Duplicate or Same Files Searcher

Some Key Features Of Duplicate & Same Files Searcher

Fast search engine (byte-to-byte comparison and hard link detection algorithm are used)

Detailed visualisation of duplicate files, NTFS hard links and junction points (unique!).

Shows fragmentation of files (unique!).

Shows compressed NTFS files in color.

Manual and filtered selection files to delete, move or replace with NTFS hard links.

Allows to move and delete files.

Allows to replace files with NTFS hard links (unique!).

Allows to compress files on NTFS volumes.

Allows selecting disks and folders to scan.

More new features will come soon in next versions.

Note: You will need to have .Net Framework 2.0 or newer installed to run this program. It supports three languages English, Russian, Japanese.

Some other similar applications like this to find duplicate files, which you can consider giving a try are Easy duplicate finder and Free Duplicate Music Files Finder

Download Duplicate & Same Files Searcher

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