Find Programs In Windows Startup

A Computer might seem to be a very simple and sorted machine to you but have you ever thought of what happens once you install a new application or software and run it. What processes run in the background ? or What are the applications that start automatically at Windows Startup which are in connection with those new softwares?

Hardly a handful of people amongst you would give it a thought and the rest will forget it as soon as they start working on their newly installed applications. But all of you should be aware of what is going on the inside of your computer and should keep an eye on the applications or services that run.

The applications or services that run in the background, slow down your computers and should be avoided at windows startup since they certainly affect the performance of the device. Now the question arises how would someone come to know about the applications and services which run at windows startup and avoid them or keep an eye on these things without much effort?

To answer this a 876KB tool named Security Autorun is present on the internet and is available for free and the function of this software is to display the list of applications that are loaded automatically at windows startup and even lets you stop these unwanted applications.

Security Autorun

Each application running is displayed with following information:-

  • Startup Type:Startup Registry,Startup Common/User,Startup Services,Drivers List
  • Product Name, File Version, Company Name, Location in the Registry or file system, Command Line String etc
  • Another unique feature is that the software detects any adware or spyware installed on your desktop and displays its information.


The software is compatible with :-

  1. Windows 9X
  2. Windows NT
  3. Windows ME
  4. Windows 2000
  5. Windows XP
  6. Windows Vista
  7. Windows 7

Download Security Autorun

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