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There is a very useful tool for the web developer. Though it can be used by anyone who wants to verify the originality of data. Even after stating all the copyrights, describing the usage limit and taking all the possible safety measures, developers may have to worry about the content uniqueness of their webpage. Many of the users doesn’t consider the terms and conditions as they think that they cannot be caught. Plagiarism is a crime and action can be taken against the plagiarist. But now web developer can easily figure out the reuse of its content. The utility called as UN.CO.VER – Unique Content Verifier can detect if the material has been copied and not the original work of the writer.

UN.CO.VER Unique Content Verifier is a small freeware of 2.24 MB. It will check and give the results very fast. The user interface has been shown in the snapshot below.


It can verify the originality of matter in three formats as stated below:

  1. Check text
  2. Check domain
  3. Check websites

Check text: Copy and paste the data in the space provided. Click on check data. The processing will start but you can stop it in between. It will display the result checked till that time. The result consists of the URL from where the data is expected to be plagiarized, number of words that might be plagiarized, percentage of part plagiarized and finally the text that has plagiarized. Click on any of the results. The complete data that is expected to be copied will be displayed.


Check domain: The URL has to be entered in the space . You can also enter the text between which you want to check.

Check Websites: As soon as you click on check website option, the project wizard will be opened. You have to create a new project to keep a check that no one is copying from your website. Remember to select the level upto which you need to keep a check. The tool is very easy to easy. Each step is clearly explained by the interface itself.


The tool will create the sitemap of your project. it automatically keeps on checking the webpages for plagiarism. It is done on the daily basis. The result will be automatically displayed to you as soon as you switch on your system. I think this one of the best utility. Everything will be automatically done once you have created the project.

You can also change preferences and autostarter properties in the edit menu. Mention the accuracy level, the maximum copied words, and the use of proxy in preferences. You can select the projects that are to autostarted when the system is switched on.

The freeware has been tested with Windows 7, and is also compatible Windows XP and Vista. You can also get the same for Linux/ Mac in .zip and .tar formats.

Download UN.CO.VER Unique Content Verifier

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