Find Out What Percentage Of Battery Is Being Used By Which Applications On Your Android Phone Battery [ Applies To All Android Phones ]

Battery backup is one of the major issues with all the android phones, it happens with most of the devices that they don’t last long as per the expectations as they have so many feature like wifi, 3g, gps etc which keep on eating the battery all the time even when phone is idle and no one is using it.

We would suggest you guys to increase the battery backup by turning of the features when you are not using them, we are coming up with a separate post on this, but any current point of time you can find out the percentage of battery being used by applications running on your android phone, follow the procedure below to find the same.

1. On your android phone, go to phone settings, by pressing the soft menu key on the phone as shown in the image below


Now scroll down, and tap about phone as shown in the image below


Now tap the Battery use text to find out how much battery each application is using


As you can see in the image below, now you will get to know about all those applications and the amount of battery they are using, as you can see display uses highest amount of battery so better decrease your android phone brightness to save your battery.


In order to kill those programs which are using higher amount of battery, you can follow the article link given below.

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