Find Out Tumblr Post By Email Id Where You Can Send Post To Publish On Your Tumblr Blog

We have already written several tumblr tips previously on this blog, this time we will t ell you another great feature of tumblr by which you can post any thing on your tumblr blog just by sending a photo, video, text or any file to the that email  id. This email id is unique for every tumblr blog, you can add this id in your email contacts and then just mail anything which you want to publish on your tumblr blog.

Here is how you can find the email id for your tumblr blog

1. Go to and login to you tumblr blog dashboard

2. Navigate to the following link

3. Scroll down to locate the post by email id for your blog as shown in the image below.


4. Note down or add this email id in your email contacts.

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