Find Out Total 3G Data Usage On Your Phone In Advance

Airtel came up with a very nice tool, now when 3G is about to be in your hands then you all must be excited to use it. But there is a very common issue which may be puzzling you. In our last related to the Airtel launch of 3G in Karnataka I mentioned about the tariff of this new service. The tariff was not too normal but it was quite high as compared to the tariff of the 2G service, but then it was expected that high internet speed will also demand high prices.


So it is obvious that you will definitely want to use it as per your requirements in such a way that not a single penny goes waste from your pocket. Keeping this point in mind Airtel came with a nice tool which will help you to calculate the rough estimation of your internet usage by including all the types of activity which you will love to do on internet using this new technology. You can see the snapshot of that tool posted above.


You will just have to enter all the values of parameters available in that calculator and then it will tell you the approximate data usage by you over internet. If you want know about the approximation of the value which has been estimated by Airtel then you can click the highlighted link mentioned in the snapshot above, you will get a similar window shown in the snapshot below. All the possible internet activity has been enumerated over the tool and then on the basis of the solution of that tool you can decide the amount of fair which you will be paying at the end of the month and this will also help you to decide the pack which you should select for you internet usage.

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Airtel Data Usage calculator

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