Find Out Software Program Can Open A File With Any Extension

There might be many instances that you have a file but you are unable to open it because windows does not have some default program to open it as it has file extension which is not a common one. You do not know the name of the program that will open the file. Maybe you have tried to open that file in the text editor or other program that you thought would be able to open it. Even windows offer you to find appropriate program to open that file, but history has shown that it is never reliable most of the time.


Smart File Advisor is a freeware tool that will help you to find appropriate programs to open your file. It searches the appropriate programs website database. It will be able to identify the type of the file you want to open even if it has a wrong file extension by analysing file contents. It sends first 20 bytes of information online to get the file type.

If you don’t want to search the web site database, you can select second option “Use Windows to manage this file”.


Smart File Advisor also includes an MD5, SHA-1 and CRC32 checksum/hashing tool. You will be able to use it to verify the integrity of files you download from the internet, after installing Smart File Advisor just right click any file in windows explorer and click on Checksum.


Smart File Advisor simplifies the process of searching for the appropriate programs so that you can open your file having unknown file extension. This application works perfectly on windows XP, vista and 7 and is compatible with both Windows 32 bit and 64 bit.

Download Smart File Advisor

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