Find Out RGB, HEX Color Code From Image or Picture

We all know the importance and significance of colors in our life. But, when we talk about creating graphics, or some designs through computers then it is expected that best color option will be used in those graphics. Specially for designers and developers, colors have a real significance since they decide how actually the design will look. Sometimes, you may see some images or pictures, where you like some colors but really don’t know what color exactly it is and how to use that color? For this, we introduce you to a new utility which has been developed specially for the above mentioned purpose and will guide you to extract any color from any image whenever you want.

Pictures to Color is a small, easy to use, useful and a freely available portable application that allows you to extract all the colors from a given image on its color palette which can be further used as required according to the need. Not only it extracts the color for you, rather it also gives the complete composition for each color as it generates HEX color code and RGB, HSB and HSL values for each extracted color. This allows you to use these colors with ease in any of your graphic design projects or web style sheet documents or wherever else you want them to be used. One of the most important feature and capability of this utility is that, it has the ability to read and capture colors from almost all of the major image file formats, which includes PSD, JPG, PNG etc. After extracting the colors, it saves the entire color palette in HTML format and hence can be used in future.


This utility can be easily downloaded from the link given below and can be installed in few simple steps. After installing, you may start with the utility and in order to start with it, you need to drag any of the image from which you want to extract the color over the main interface of the utility. After this, you may observe that the image will be displayed in the bottom right corner of the interface, along with its color palette which is placed on the left side. You may see the HEX, RGC, HSB and HSL values of the selected color in top right corner of the interface, thus showing the actual composition of the extracted color.

After this, you may either keep the color palette for future use or you may also share it with others, by exporting the palette in HTML format which will save it along with the complete details of every color. Overall we can say that it is a nice utility for graphic designer and it works fine on Windows XP, Windows Vista and Windows 7. So, just download it and try out this small but useful utility.

Download Pictures to Color