Find Out or Calculate Folder Sizes In Windows

You may want to find out or calculate folder sizes on windows so that you can get an idea about which folders take the maximum amount of disk space. We have already talked about a free program xfoldersize which allows you to find out folders sizes in windows.

Today we tell you about another free software called GetFoldersize which lets you determine the size of folders and sub-folders on your hard drive. With this tool you can find which programs are taking up your hard disk space. For each folder, you can display the total file size and the number of files and subfolders in the folder.


As shown in the image above, you can see the folder size of each folder inside a drive in bytes, kilobytes, megabytes, gigabytes etc. Make sure to scan a folder to get the folder sizes of all the sub folder inside.


Following are some key features for of this application

  • Freeware for private and commercial use
  • Determine the size of folders and sub-folders on drives, media storages, CD/DVDs, network shares…
  • Fast scan algorithm
  • Scan file and folder paths with an overall length of up to 32,000 characters and file and folder names containing Unicode characters
  • Scan an unlimited number of files and folders
  • Show the number of file and/or folder of all files and subfolders
  • Display the file size in Bytes, Kilobytes, Megabytes and Gigabytes
  • Print the folder tree
  • Save the folder tree and information into a text file
  • Start GetFoldersize and scan folders right from the windows explorer context menu

This application works on all the versions of windows including windows 7 , we have just tested it on windows 7 32 bit. Both the installer and portable version of this program is available.

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Download GetFolderSize

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