Find Out iPhone Data Downloaded, Uploaded or Transfered

There would be a plenty of people in this world who are using an iphone and they do not have a unlimited data usage plan. Well iphone is a really awesome device and with all the internet surfing capabilities it is really difficult to stay away from internet browsing when you have one in your hand. Specially when you have a lot of applications running on your phone then sometimes it is really difficult for a person to determine the internet data usage of those applications from time to time.

So today we are here with a new application that helps you out in keeping a track of your data usage and even receive push notifications to warn you of exceeding the limit. This application called the DataMan allows to you review your daily, weekly, and monthly data usage as well as the hourly data usage and statistics.


In my opinion there are many applications available to do the same task but there are a really few that actually support push notifications in order to warn you off from excessive data usage. DataMan does not require a carrier login and hence it works worldwide. It is a great alternative for all those careers who do not offer a data tracking application.

Download DataMan ( $ 2.99) for iphone, ipod touch and ipad running iOS 4.0 or later.

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