Find Out IP Address, Gateway, Mac Address Of Your Computer

You must faced problems while retrieving the information about the network to which you are connected because it includes your physical address, IP address, MAC address, address of you network and many more such information. For getting every information you must be having a separate way and thus it becomes a problem, but Network Information Center can solve it for you by providing you all this information collectively under a single application window.

The snapshot shown below is the image of the window of this application and this includes all the information regarding your network. This basic information included by this software is describes as follows:

  • External IP address: it is the IP address of the network to you are connected.
  • Internal IP address: it is the IP address which has been allotted to you by your ISP (Inter Service Provider) and this address differentiated you with the other user present under the same network.
  • Default Gateway: It is the address of the remote computer or router to which you system is connected.
  • Physical Address: This is the permanent address which is embedded in your LAN card and it cannot be changed. It is also called as MAC address of a system.


Usually when you are connected to a LAN and you want to check whether you are connected to internet or not, then the best way to check is by pinging a particular address. To ping you are supposed to start run window and then type ‘cmd’ command which is then followed by many more steps and learning them may be a tedious task for a fresher. But with the help of this tool you just have to double click this 339kb .exe file and then enter the address of a local system or any website to which you want to ping, with in no time you’ll get the result.

As its small size is already mentioned so it does not get installed but it can be operated from its executable file. It refreshes itself after a certain span of time so it will let you know about any recent changes occurred in the information about your network.

It can be minimized on to the tray and can automatically start when your OS starts. This software works fine with all the version of Windows as it has been checked on Windows 7 Ultimate 32-bit edition.

Download Network Information Center

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