Find Out If A Website Has Malware Or Harmful Software

It would have happened many a times with you that when you start searching about a topic on google, then you may come across some of the sites which are not advised to be visited as they can leave malware or any other virus on you system and then it will be very troublesome for you to get rid of it. But need not to worry now as we will review a tool known as Site Verify, which will take care of it.

If you are suspicious that some virus or any other infiltrated files has been downloaded on your system while that webpage was being opened on your browser then you can check that link with the help of this tool as it will show you about all the links present on that website and all the vulnerabilities associated with those links.

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The snapshot of this tool has been shown above and you can expect that it will show you large amount of information related to that site. The site which you want to verify should be placed in the top most section of the application window and then lick Go to start the operation. As soon as you press this option it will start enlisting all the links which are present over that website.

In front of that Go option, you can see another option named as Transverse depth which will decide that to which extent it should verify the website, whether it should search the sub-links or not?? Or it should check only those links which are present on that website. As you increase the traverse depth, the larger time will be taken by that tool to complete the verification.

After the verification is completed you can see the result in the window, where the blue links denote that these links are harmless and they have been checked, Red links show that these links are dead and the links which are colored black have not been checked. So, you can stay away from red and black links and then you can surf harmlessly.

The size of that tool is very small, i.e. around 100 Kbs and moreover this tool is portable, so you cannot expect a better package than this one. This tool is compatible with all the versions of Windows as it has been checked with Windows 7 64-bit Ultimate edition.

Download Site Verify

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