Find Out How Much Memory Each App Is Using On iPhone, iPad In iOS 5 or Later

iOS 5 has seem to come up with some great new features like wifi syncing, location based reminders etc but there are some silent features like in ios 5 you can now get to know which app is consuming how much memory space on your iphone without connection it to iTunes.


However for those who don’t know about the old method to find how much memory an app is consuming on your iphone, follow the procedure below.

Here’s How:

  1. Go to iTunes and select the App Store menu in the tray at the left. This will show you all the programs you’ve downloaded from the App Store.
  2. To find out how much disk space each one uses, either right click on the programs or left click on them and then do the following:

    Click Command+i on Mac
    Click Control+I on Windows

    Or go to the File menu and choose Get Info.

  3. a window will pop up showing you the size of the program.

But now there is no need to connect your iPhone, iPad to your computer to know all this in ios 5 as you simply need to open iphone settings >> general >> usage to find out memory usage of all the apps installed on your iphone with their data files as shown in the image below.


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