Find Out Hot, Defective, Dead or Stuck pixels On Your LCD Monitor With InjuredPixels

With time almost all the LCD monitors pixels become dead, stuck or hot with time, InjuredPixels is an easy-to-use utility that can help you check for defective pixels on your LCD monitor. It can be used to test a new LCD monitor before purchasing, or an already purchased monitor during the warranty period (as you may get a replacement according to the manufacturer’s dead pixel policy).

Injured Pixels 

How Doe It Work To Track Dead Pixels
InjuredPixels fills the entire screen with a primary or custom color, allowing you to inspect the screen for pixels that do not match the selected color. The program is very easy to use: Mouse left click or use the arrow keys to cycle through colors or right-click to get the menu with the main commands or just press Q to quit the program.

InjuredPixels can be run directly without having to install it on your computer: just download and run. We have covered review of some similar programs like the above like Pixel Doctor, DefectPX which allows you to detect and fix the dead pixels on your LCD monitor.

Download InjuredPixels  [ It requires .NET Framework 2.0 or above to be installed on your machine ]

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