Find Out Does Your Password Can Be Cracked or Hacked

Password security is one of the major issues that everyone is concerned about now a days. Generally, it is instructed that we should change our passwords after a certain period of time. For every new password, we have to think about the strength and security information of the password. Many of the utilities show the password strength. But that is not enough. Moreover, the others do not provide the information. Now, we cannot share our passwords ever to know about the password strength. To solve the problem, I would like to introduce the tool known as Password Security Scanner.

Password Security Scanner is a very small freeware of 121 KB only. The utility is designed to check the security information of the passwords without displaying them. The snapshot below displays the user interface of the utility.


The user must first be aware that what each column signifies to understand the information provided by the utility. The columns and the information presented are as follows:

1. Item Name: The item for which the password is used like email or webpage and corresponding will be displayed.

2. Password Type: Type of password like messenger, web browser etc.

3. Application: The location where the password id stored like Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox.

4. User Name: The username for which the password is used.

5. Password Length: Number of characters is the password.

6. Numeric: Number of numeric characters (0-9) in the password.

7. Lower Case: Number of lower case characters (a-z) in the password.

8. Upper Case: Number of upper case characters (A-Z) in the password.

9. Other ACSII: Number of non-alphanumeric characters in password.

10. Non-English: Number of Non-English characters in password.

11. Repeating: Number of characters which are being repeated.

12. Password Strength: The strength of password based upon above information. It gives a numeric value which signifies as follows:

a. 1-7: Very Weak

b. 8-14: Weak

c. 15-25: Medium

d. 26-45: Strong

e. 46 and above: Very Strong

and few other columns are there.

You can change the column settings from the View tab. As shown in the snapshot below. You can select which column is to be displayed in the user interface. You can move them up or down. The width of the column can be increased or decreased.


There is Advanced Options choice in the options tab. There users can choose which passwords are to be displayed according to the password length.


The tool has some limitations. The utility has been specially designed for Internet Explorer 4.0 – 6.0 and 7.0 – 9.0, Mozilla Firefox, Dialup/VPN, MSN/ Windows Messenger, Microsoft Outlook and  Windows Live Mail only. Though it does not work for Firefox if it is secured by master password and Chrome.

The freeware has been tested on Windows 7 and is designed for other versions also.

Download Password Security Scanner


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    hello, well im aarthi, my gmail has some bodys hacked and they saved my chat history in their server…. how to delete my chat history permanently to their server…

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