Find Number Of Days, Weeks or Months In Between Two Dates With Date Calculator

Every big event has a countdown linked with it. Then, why not simply calculate the number of days, number of months or number of years left in one or the other big occasion of your life. For eg., if you want to calculate how many days are left in coming Christmas or how much time is left in your 50th birthday or so on, then we here present a very small and simple utility which can serve this purpose.

Acute Date Calculator is basically a small, simple and a freely available date calculator that allows the user to quickly calculate the difference between two gives dates and to get the exact number of days between the two dates entered by the user. It comes up with a pretty simple interface which has two calendars and the user may simply select the dates on the available side-by-side calendars and then this smart program will calculate the difference between those two dates and will display the number of days, weeks, months and years that separate those dates.


Although, it is very simple utility which for most of the users may look like that it is of no use, but, sometimes when it comes to calculating the days difference so that one may plan accordingly, then this small utility may prove to be very useful. So, one can download it from the below given link and can keep it in the computer so that any day, if there is a need where one wants to calculate the no. of days left for any event or occasion, or simply if someone wants to know the exact difference between the two dates, then at that day this small sized utility may prove to be very useful and can be used.

It may be quite interesting to know that how old are you? But, not in years rather to know the exact number of days that you have lived. Calculating it manually may be a tedious task as you have to keep various facts in mind such as leap year, no. of days in each month and so on. Instead of doing it manually, one may simply use this smart and very small utility. Yes, although simple program in any language can also be written, but why to write it when there is such a small and smart utility available and that too as a freeware. So, just try it out by downloading it from the below given link.

Download Acute Date Calculator

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