Find Music Album Name From A Single Song File

While we are listening a song or a piece of music, we do get the desire to know its information like its artist name, album or movie name. But, many a times we didn’t get any information about that song. Also, all the music lovers like to know the details of the songs they listen.

Considering this, AudioTag is providing a free music-recognition service. It allows you to identify any piece of music providing the information about its track title, artist name, album name etc.

It supports any file format including Uncompressed, ADPCM and other waves (.WAV), MPEG-1 Layer III (.MP3), Ogg Vorbis (.OGG), FLAC,Flash Video (.FLV), .AMR, .MP4, and many more. It can also recognize a short recording made with your old tape recorder of any quality.

The process can be done following three simple steps:

1. Upload an audio file either from your computer or by specifying the URL to the audio file. You can upload a short audio fragment ( even of 15 seconds) or an entire song. But, the optimal duration of an analyzed (uploaded) piece of an audio is 15-45 seconds.

The uploading of file will take time depending on the duration of file.


2. It will ask you to prove that you are a human for better usage of this service. It will ask you a simple question. You have to answer that question and click ‘Next’.


3. After you will click ‘Next’, it will take few minutes to provide the result.


From the technical point of view, its work is based on a sophisticated audio recognition algorithm combining advanced audio fingerprinting technology and a large songs’ database.

When we upload an audio file, it is being analyzed by an audio engine. During the analysis, its audio ‘fingerprint’ is extracted and identified by comparing it to the music database. At the completion of this recognition process, it will display information about songs with their matching probabilities.

The recognition is reliable because its songs database counts more than one million tracks which includes tracks with all kinds of music from modern popular music to old jazz and classics. There are also tracks with Russian music.

The erroneous recognition is possible, but its probability is low. The algorithm is designed so that it will rather not identify a song than show an incorrect result.

So, the next time you listen to a tune, check out its details using this free service. service

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