Find Meaning Of Word On A Webpage Via Right Click Menu

While browsing the web, we come across many words which are new to us. For this, we refer either a web dictionary or our desktop dictionary to know their meaning. Referring to a dictionary for better understanding of the article hinders the flow of reading which leads to more consumption of time.

Considering this problem of readers, Google has come up with an extension of Google chrome called Google Dictionary which will show the definition of a word in a small pop-up bubble when double-clicked on it. It will save your time of referring to a dictionary.

Google Dictionary also supports translation. So, even if you are on a website which is in a foreign language, you don’t have to use a translator instead just double-click on that foreign word and its translation in your language will appear in a small floating bubble on the same page.

It just needs Google chrome for its installation. When installed, it asks for the access of data on all websites and your browsing history, you just have to click ‘install’.


Its installation will be completed within a few seconds and it will appear with this icon in the toolbar.


For example, on a web page, there is a word, the meaning of which is unknown to me. So, i will just double-click on that word and its meaning will appear on the same page in the small bubble shown below.

You can also view the full definition of the word by the address link provided at the bottom of the bubble.

NOTE: This extension will not work on Google chrome extension gallery pages.


You can also access this dictionary by just clicking on the icon and enter your word in the space provided whose meaning you want to know.


You can manage its options by right-click on the icon and choose ‘Options’. Here, you can select the desired language of dictionary. It supports around 11 dictionaries.

You can change the hotkey of the pop-up definition from the given options. For example, you can choose ‘Ctrl + double-click’ on the word.

You can also omit the address bar link which appears at the bottom of the bubble.

After doing all the changes in the settings according to your comfort, don’t forget to click ‘save’ otherwise they will not be saved.


You can also run this extension in the incognito window by just going in the option ‘Manage extensions’ and click the option ‘Run in incognito’. Since, I have already told you that it will have the access to the browsing history so its better not to use this extension in incognito window.

Download Google Dictionary

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