Find Lost, Stolen Symbian Nokia Phone With MTracker

With the introduction of mobile phones the communication purpose has been made convenient to the maximum possible extent and developments in the same are still going on to make better and better everyday. The most amazing thing about mobile phones is that they are quite small and easy to carry.

A few years back mobile phones were not a common thing but today every person is seen carrying atleast one and with the increasing demand of cellphones certain problems have also come up to the surface and the most common of them is mobile theft.

Other than theft many cases are reported where the the device is lost by mistake or shear carelessness and the only person to be benefitted after such an incident is one who gets his hands on your device. Now wouldFind Lost, Stolen Symbian Nokia Phone Through MTrackern’t it be great if one can trace his/her mobile after being lost or stolen.

Well if you are suing a Samsung handset then you may trace it immediately since they offer a pre-installed mobile tracking app but what if you own some other phone, more specifically a symbian one. The solution is here and is named as Mtracker.



The app initially registers your sim card and keeps running in the background. In case the person who has stolen your cell phone or found it, removes your sim card and tries to install a new one, the app will automatically send a message to the contact numbers and security agency number you had added earlier in the app.

As the last image shows it will let you add two contacts and one security agency to whom the alert would be sent and the information displayed will consist of your name and your phone number.

Now people this is a very helpful app and a must have one since it just delivers what one would expect in such a mishap so simply download one.

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