Find Largest or Newest File On Your PC With DriveSort

It could be a case when you may want to find out which files are taking the largest space on your disk, so that you can delete them if they are not required or either you can backup these files to some other location to free up disk space. Or if you want to find out the newest file being created by date on your PC.

DriveSort is a free to use program lets you sort an entire drive or a selected sub-folder by size (largest files) or date. (newest files) Sorting by size can be useful when you want to find out which files are taking the maximum space on your hard disk.


Sorting by date can be useful when you have just installed a new application, and want to find out what files have been created by the installation program. To ensure fast searching and sorting, DriveSort displays only the top 100 files that match your sort criterion.

This is small utility is quite simple to use and does what it says, so using this application could be good option to find largest or newest file on any drive or in a sub folder.

Note: When it displays the files after search, it might display system files as the biggest files so please make sure you are deleting any system file so that you don’t run your self in a problem.

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