Find IP Address Using Google Search

Many of you might have installed any tool to track the IP address of the network on which you work. There are many reason to keep a track of it, one of them may be the reason to check the IP addresses which have been accessing you GMail account. So, if you are at your home then you know the IP address and when you are at your office, then also you remember the IP address but if you happen to be on any other network, then you need to know about the IP address as then you can monitor any suspicious activity on your Gmail Inbox.

Now you will not have to download or install any tool or visit any other website to check the IP address of the network, today I will be telling you about a simple method to check the IP address of your network within few clicks. Just follow the procedure mentioned below.

Go to Google Page and then in the Search text field type, My IP address and then hit enter, upon doing so you will see that the first result of that search query will not be any of the links, in fact it will be a result shown by Google which will directly display the IP address of your network. The screenshot of this have been mentioned below.


Now if you are in your Gmail and you have already added Google Baba in your chat list, then you can type ‘What is my IP address’ and in the result it will show you the link to a website, on clicking of which will display the IP address of your network. These 2 methods mentioned above are best solution to get the IP address of your network without using any of the tool or freeware.


Please let us know if you have better solution to this problem.

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